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Columbia University: The Best Place to Score Drugs in New York

One Columbia senior wanted to know how his fellow students were able to get so high, yet still do well on exams. So he went straight to the source: the school library. It's "study drug time"!

Daniel D'Addario at The Daily Beast found kids in his school's library high on Adderall, studying for final exams and getting very excited about how high they are. Students like "Owen," a junior at Columbia, who during the interview was just coming down off his study drug high. The first time he took Adderall was at a party, where he mixed it with cocaine and ecstasy and probably had the worst night/next three days of his life.

The drugs are easy to find. Just ask your dorm's resident weed dealer and he can probably set you up with some pills, and maybe even some cocaine for the post-exam blowout. Or, if you're Owen, just hang around the library long enough and "James" will show up, bottle in hand, for "study drug time." Normally James will use his Adderall prescription "sparingly" — for parties, exams, or to impress the ladies — but he's taking this school shit seriously and has thrown his stash of amphetamines into the mix to kick some ass during finals: "[…] this week, I'm not gonna worry. Next week, school will be over, and then I'm just going to chill."

But there is some tension between those with actual prescriptions for Adderall and the cheating students who get their drugs from guys like James. If you know a senior at Columbia named "Beth," don't ask her to share her stash or she might get very angry!

By giving you my personal medication, you're asking for my endorsement," she says. "I know what your GPA is, and you don't have anything like that, and you're fine." She picks at her bright pink petit-four. "This has been a struggle: It's not something I do for fun, and it's something I take personally."

You hear that, Owen? Adderall and Ritalin are beautiful drugs that are only for the kids like Beth who have been taking it since they were 13 years old, not some cheater like you who would also party irresponsibly with them.

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