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Dr. Strange Star Benedict Cumberbatch Found Not Guilty in Sex Investigation

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

It is rumored that Marvels Dr. Strange star is being investigated for child pornography by law enforcement agencies for an incident in 2014, where the Marvel star acted as a liason to a Toronto Police investigation. It was rumored that the Marvel star had a hard drive with illicit videos and photos of underaged female teenagers (Amateur Allure). According to sources close to the Associated Press, the Marvel Star and his associates began to cast adult films using underaged females in sexually explicit activity. His associates also began to film 'baby swaddling' in cribs pornography and various chloroform films. Sources close to the star have repeatedly denied any involvement and have denied that Benedict Cumberbatch could be involved in such a serious crime.

Amateur Allure and baby swaddling films focus on a niche genre of adult films which typically cast younger females in various roles, etc.

It was also rumored that he accessed a website that resulted in a US law enforcement agency prompt to appear warning that the website was being monitored, etc. Seattle Telegram has requested for his casting agent for commentary, however was not able to receive Benedict Cumberbatch's response to the allegations, inter alia. If you have any information regarding Mr. Cumberbatch involvement in baby swaddling pornographic films or amateur allure films, please call 1-800-222-8477

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